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Our Supply of Lithium

Stardust is supported by a diversified supply of lithium. We maintain interests in lithium assets and continue to explore multiple sources of lithium with exploration partners.


Stardust acquires lithium feedstock supplies from our strategic partners. This alignment with lithium producers and junior exploration companies is critical in developing the American supply change. Through partnership with Stardust, more assets can be realized that may not reach the scale required to develop a refinery.

Water Sources

Stardust will use wastewater to manufacture battery- grade lithium. We have offtake agreements with existing oil & gas producers who are disposing wastewater oilfield brine. Our rigorous scientific testing and process identifies brine that we may use to produce battery grade lithium products. Our commitment to closed loop solutions provides efficient and sustainable lithium for America.


America will continue to uncover efficient sources of lithium, America is blessed with abundant sources of lithium. Recent technological breakthroughs for the discovery and direct lithium extraction of brine assets will continue to increase. America needs refinery capacity above all else.
Stardust has partnered with industry leaders in exploration to target and develop new sources of American brine for the production of battery grade lithium. We provide a value- add through technical due diligence, finance, and industry connectivity.