American production of battery-grade lithium for electric vehicles (EVs.)

Stardust Power’s mission is to be committed to producing battery-grade lithium products in a sustainable manner and Stardust Power strives to build sustainability into each step of its process.

Geographic Advantage

  • The strategic location is advantageous from a supply and offtake perspective.
  • Centrally located near multiple US battery manufacturers
  • Proximity to railroads, waterways, and major highways

Sustainable Processes

  • Access to renewable wind and solar power sources in Oklahoma via Oklahoma Gas & Electric
  • High water recycling capability during the refining process

Government Incentives

  • Supported by Oklahoma state and municipal performance-based incentives
  • Intent to seek federal grant and loan program incentives

Government and Industry Support

Stardust Power’s management believes that significant tailwinds exist for the development of our project.

Stardust Power will source lithium brine feedstock from various suppliers and may make investments upstream to secure additional feedstock. The Company seeks to sell its products to electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers as the primary market, with potential applications in other areas such as battery manufacturers, the U.S. military, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This has led to increasing demand for the critical minerals used in battery cells, such as lithium, strong governmental incentives for American manufacturing and evolving geopolitical climate that is creating a national security priority for the U.S. market.