Port Muskogee, Oklahoma

Strategic Central Location

Stardust Power selected Muskogee, Oklahoma for its central refinery because of Oklahoma’s central U.S. location, facilitating delivery of lithium inputs and shipment of battery-grade lithium products over multiple transportation routes to support the Company’s refining operations.

Advantages of Selected Site

  • Access to barge network that covers Southern and Midwest states 
  • 20 states and Gulf of Mexico accessible via waterway

  • Two of the largest rail carriers service Port Muskogee
  • Proximity to major interstate and roadways 
  • Centrally located near battery manufacturers 

  • Access to abundant municipal clean water supply  
  • Connected to the municipal sewer system for waste water disposal, as required
  • Access to sustainably sourced power

20 States & Gulf of Mexico accessible by inland waterway

Nearby is Port Muskogee , located on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. This is one of the most inland ports in America, and provides seamless access to airports, interstates, rail, and year-round access to 20 states and globally via the Gulf of Mexico. This enables smooth transportation of lithium inputs and outputs.



Port Muskogee offers connections to ports on the Mississippi, Ohio and Illinois Rivers and international ports through the Gulf of Mexico.


Two of the largest railroad carriers in North America, Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe, offer mainline service to Muskogee’s largest industrial parks.


Our strategic location at the center of the United States allows businesses to reach 94% of the U.S. population overnight by road.

Port Muskogee

The Company has executed an exclusive options agreement to purchase approximately 66 acres (excluding creeks) in Southside Industrial Park within the Port Muskogee, Oklahoma, at Southside Industrial Park.

Initial due diligence, including a Critical Issues Analysis and a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was conducted by Enercon Services Inc. (“Enercon”) during September and October 2023, which concluded that this property is well suited for the construction of a lithium refinery and should provide additional benefits due to its unique location within the port. Potential wetlands were removed from the current tract.