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Onshoring Lithium Production with Innovation

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are essential to the transition to the electric vehicle (EV) economy. Battery grade lithium has many uses, such as the portable electronics space which is essential to the military, but EVs represent the largest driver of growth. In the United States, limited lithium production capacity coupled with ambitious decarbonization
targets, underscores the critical need for a resilient domestic supply chain.

Stardust Power aims to tackle this issue by establishing one of the largest lithium refineries in the United States. On a mission to minimize reliance on foreign producers,
it addresses three key factors in the industry. Stardust Power recognizes the surging demand for lithium batteries in the evolving electric vehicle (EV) market; it also focuses on reducing the dependence on China’s market control and emphasizes domestic manufacturing. The third factor is reducing carbon footprints and sustainability made possible through its innovative production methodology.

The company develops low-risk procedures for converting lithium feedstock to battery-grade lithium products. Utilizing established and proven technology, Stardust Power is moving towards production quickly to meet the prevalent and emerging demands of the
EV industry.

“We focus on lithium brine feedstock instead of hard rock due to their significantly lower environmental impact, among other reasons. Our refinery operations are to be powered by sustainable energy substantially and our facility is being engineered for zero liquid discharge. In other words, sustainability is integrated into every aspect of our process,” Roshan Pujari, Co-Founder and CEO of Stardust Power.

Its hub-and-spoke model, centered in Oklahoma, optimizes flexibility in processing multiple brine inputs, mitigating technology risks, and partnering with industry leaders. Its scalable facility creates significant job opportunities, supporting the transition from oil and gas to critical minerals and renewables, harnessing the region’s skilled workforce to foster a greener economy.


“We focus on lithium brine feedstock instead of hard rock due to their significantly lower environmental impact, among other reasons…. sustainability is integrated into every aspect of our process”


Stardust Power’s innovative central refinery approach also addresses the need for domestic production of critical minerals and batteries, helping customers secure compliance with the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)—ratified in 2022—and tax credits. The
development of American refinery capacity is crucial, given the limited access to battery-grade materials, further exacerbated by the increasing emphasis on American-manufactured products.

In essence, Stardust Power shall provide battery-grade lithium products tailored for EV manufacturing, with the primary focus of meeting the EV industry’s demand for lithium by developing a reliable domestic supply chain that takes advantage of American manufacturing incentives and adheres to IRA regulations. Above all, the company’s commitment to established technologies, coupled with strong partnerships, is designed to manufacture high quality products, enabling clients to rigorously test and qualify
their products.

These competencies make Stardust Power a driver of the energy transition and carbon neutrality in the EV space. The company’s distinctive blend of industry and financial expertise, represented by leaders like Chief Technology Officer Pablo Cortegoso,
Co-founder Charlotte Nangolo, and Mr. Pujari, is crucial for managing substantial capital requirements for developing large facilities. Moving forward, it plans to continue using its innovative model to strengthen the immediate and closed-loop supply chains
in the U.S.

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